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A Taste From Home

Nanyang Tea Club restaurant and Nanyang Malaya Café were founded by Billy Chong from Ipoh Town and Kaisern Ching from Chefs Gallery. The Nanyang concept was formed as a collaborations between these longtime friends and restaurateurs. Ipoh Town and Chefs Gallery have been household names in Sydney, synonymous with the finest Malaysian and Modern Chinese cuisine.
Nanyang Tea Club was their first collaboration at Market City's 1909 Dining Precinct, Haymarket, which opened in March 1999 as part of their newly revitalised food hub. The moment you step through our doors you will be transported to tropical Malaysia and Singapore where alluring British colonial design greets you with graceful furniture and decor reminding you of more laid-back times. We call ourselves a Tea Club because a dining experience doesn’t just end with food here, instead we marry our dishes with the traditional art form of tea drinking. There is no better way to balance our rich and authentic Nanyang dishes with our carefully selected tea range. 

Nanyang Malaya Café is like the little sister to their first restaurant where they wanted to create a place where you will be carried away to tropical Singapore the moment you step through their doors.  Billy and Kaisern have missed travelling to their respective homelands since the start of the pandamic started in early 2020. When the opportunity came up to be part of the new Smidmore Precinct at Marrickville Metro, they were elated to create the Nanyang Malaya Café concept.

The Café idea was conceived to reimagine the time of early British Colonial days of Singapore back when it was known as British Malaya. It was the birthplace of the Kopitiam Café, a time of culinary fusion from Hainanese migrants and Malaya people who adopted their British employers’ cooking style. Billy and Kaisen have fond memories of eating with their parents as a child at these cafés. They were greeted with the smell of freshly brewed coffee while devouring their favourite breakfast of Kaya Toast, a cultural dish made from coconut jam, thin slices of salted butter, served with ultra-soft eggs.
We strive to thrill our patrons’ palette and senses, we are not afraid to explore, learn and push boundaries to continuously ensure a rich dining experience for our patrons. We look forward to share this with you at home.

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